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Educational Electronics
Laboratory Test Equipments
Dig. Measuring Instruments
Sine Square Oscillator
Digital Micro Ohm Meters
Digital Function Generators
Lead Accumulator,
   Battery Charger,
   Battery Eliminator
Diode Valve, Demo Meter,
   Demo Transformer
Demo Triode Valve, Multimeters,
   Moisture Meters,
   Power Supplies
Electromagnet Kit, Electricity Kit,
   Function Generator,
   Demo Electric Bell,
   Flexible Leads
Industrial Kelvin Bridge,
   Fuse Wire,
   Malde's Apparatus
Morse Key and Sounder,
   Mini Motor,
   Photoelectric Cell Apparatus,
   Post Office Box, Potentiometer,
   Wheatstone Bridge
Rheostat, Reversing Switch,
   Serach Coil, Silicone Diode Unit,
Solar Energy Kit, Solar Cell,
   Tapping Keys,
   Tangent Galvanometer,
   Zener Diode Unit
 Educational Electronics


Application Boards

  • 8 Bit Bi colored LED Status Indicators

  • 8 Bit Switched Input

  • 4 digit 7 segment Display

  • Digital to Analog and Analog to Digital converter

  • Stepper and DC Motor Interface

  • Stepper Motor with Feedback

  • Keypad Input

  • Dot-Matrix Display

  • Sensors and Actuators

  • Car Park System

Choice of Embedded Controller

  • MC68HC11E9/E1

  • 89C51RD

  • 16F876

  • CPLD

  • FPGA

  • DSP

  • PAL

  • BASIC 52



  • Speed torque curves of Shunt motor, DC series motor, DC compound motor & Separately excited DC motor.

  • DC separately excited generator.

  • DC compound generator.

  • Armature resistance starter & SCR based soft start mechanism.
    Speed torque curve of wound rotor induction motor with rotor shorted & with different rotor resistance.

  • Speed torque curves of rotor short induction motor.

  • DOL/Star- Delta starters, rotor resistance starter.

  • Synchronous motor/ generator, V-I curve of Synchronous generator
    Speed torque curves of split phase induction motor.

  • Capacitor start with rotor shorted.

  • Capacitor start, capacitor run type with rotor shorted.

  • V-I curves of synchronous single phase generator with excitation at rotor rings.

  • Speed torque curves of Universal motor.

  • Speed torque curves of Shaded pole motor

Machine Type

  • Integrated DC m/c

  • Integrated 3 phase AC m/c

  • Integrated 1 phase AC m/c

  • Universal Motor

  • Shaded pole Motor

  • Stepper Motor

    Choice of Micro Controller

  • The responsibility of using licensed version lies with users as ap plicable.


Salient Features

  • Transistorised superhet AM & FM radio either in assembled OR CKD form.

  • Useful for hobbyist, ITI, Polytechnic Engg. students.

  • Battery low indication LED

  • Onboard earphone jack & speaker.

  • Detailed ident of components enables user to understand complete assembly as well as working.

  • Single PCB construction.

  • Illustrative user's guide with assembly instruction.


  • AM & FM Radio in CKD form

  • Unassembled PCB

  • Components

OR AM & FM Radio - Fully assembled tested radio kit.

  • Clearly identified functional blocks viz. Mixer, Oscillator,
    Amplifier, Detector & Audio
    Amplifier with volume control.

  • Test points at each stage of both AM & FM sections - Total
    17 nos

  • AM radio specifications
    Tuning range 520kHz to 1620kHz.
    IF Frequency 455kHz.

  • FM radio specifications
    Tuning range 88MHz to 108MHz.
    IF Frequency 10.7MHz.

  • Power supply : 9V either using onboard battery or external
    DC power supply with ON/OFF switch.

  • Mechanical Dimensions : 282mm X 127mm, packed in a
    compact corrugated box with detachable baffle.

PID Trainer
  • PCPID Trainer Based PID controller software.
    Operating modes
    a)Simulator Mode
    b)Process Monitoring Mode
    c) PC based PID controller Mode
  • Master unit
    Built in power supply
    On board DPM
    Computer interface
    Analog PID controller (Optional)
  • Expt. Panels Offered
    a) Temperature Sensing Transducers (MIT6)
    b) Process Control Simulator (optional)
  • Operating voltage : 230V +/- 10%,50Hz.
  • Real time systems (optional)

Process Control Trainer Level and Flow  
  • Built in power supplies
  • On board DPM
  • Manual valves
  • Rotameters 200LPH
  • Flow meters/Transmitters
  • Level Sensor/Transmitters
  • Level Tank 20 Lt.
  • Liquid storage Tank 70 Lt.
  • Fractional horse power centrifugal pump - 500LPH
  • Ratio Control
  • Cascade Control
  • Feed forward Control Panel (Optional).
  • Computer interface card
  • PC Based PID controller software with provision for Ratio & Cascade control.

Operating modes :

  • Simulator Mode
  • Process Monitoring Mode
  • PC based PID controller Mode
  • External Accessories (Optional)
  • Real time systems (optional)

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